We Are Men Cancelled After Just Two Episodes

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The new season of television has begun! This means two things are guaranteed, 1) the presenters of Nothing But Static will spend the next episode rambling on and obsessing over new and returning shows and 2) over the next few weeks, a number of those new shows will get cancelled, potentially after only airing a small number of episodes.

After last week’s first casualty, ABC drama ‘Lucky 7’, comes the second cancellation of the season; CBS comedy ‘We Are Men’. Starting from next Monday, the 8.30pm slot will be filled by ‘2 Broke Girls’, with repeats of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ running at 9.00pm for two weeks. ‘We Are Men’ was due to air in the UK on Comedy Central, it is unlikely that the channel will still air the first two episodes, however the channels other new season import ‘The Millers’ will start airing on Monday 14th October.

When discussing the cancellation, CBS News stated that ‘We Are Men “was plagued by poor reviews and failed to gain traction with viewers.” Do you agree? Leave your thoughts below and tune in to the next edition of Nothing But Static to hear our thoughts.

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Chris Billingham

Chris Billingham is one half of the Nothing But Static podcast. As a graduate of Screenwriting for Film and Television at Bournemouth University, Chris has dedicated his time to building a portfolio of written works, acting credits and a stand-up material. This collection of work includes a one man stand-up show ‘Fishing for Pigeons’, an Edinburgh Fringe Festival show, his play ‘The Actors and the Audience’, a number of acting roles in Berkshire theatre groups and ‘Liquid Lunch’, a web series he co-wrote with Danny Stack and Dan Doolan.

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  1. 10th October 2013 | Geoff says: Reply
    I actually loved this show I can't believe it's cancelled. The first episode was hilarious!
  2. 10th October 2013 | Unkown243 says: Reply
    I have never seen this programme

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