David Tennant To Star In Broadchurch Remake

David Tennant To Star In Broadchurch Remake

Actor David Tennant is likely to be experiencing a severe case of Déjà Vu this coming January.

Today FOX announced he has been cast in their remake of the surprise ITV hit Broadchurch in a ‘Similar Role’. The remake was announced in August and is expected to begin in the 2014/2015 season.

The series will most likely be a limited run of around 12 episodes as it is part of Fox’s new “Event Series” initiative. The same initiative responsible for bringing 24 back to our screens next year for 12 episodes.

Broadchurch creator and Doctor Who writer Chris Chibnall will be acting as executive producer on the series and is currently confirmed to be writing the first episode. But we would be willing to bet he will be writing more than that.

You can listen to Chris and I discuss Broadchurch on a early episode of the Podcast here.

Excited about this news? Will this casting make the remake feel redundant? And most importantly, will David Tennant be using his American accent again? Feel free to sound-off in the comments below.

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  1. 3rd October 2013 | Zuleika Firousi says: Reply
    Shoot me now! As a professional writer, with over thirty years under my belt, I find this idea distasteful and bordering on plagiarism. Say nothing of copyright infringement. No good has ever come from US remakes of British programs, especially on a cultural level. This is a disaster in the making. I hope someone can either refute Fox's claim or talk some sense into the person who suggested it.
  2. 13th October 2013 | Andrew says: Reply
    I dunno - this doesn't feel like plagiarism as much as Elementary: presumably for it to be 'Broadchurch', to star Tennant (thus must go through the original' shows team somewhat, or people that know them in the business) and to follow the same modern-written (ie - not so old it's out of copyright) plot, it must be an actual signed, contracted 'remake'. Whereas Elementary was literally just America copying the British idea to take the out-of-copyright Holmes stories and set them in a modern setting without consulting the original British team at all and literally stealing the idea: THAT is plagiarism. Admittedly from all I've heard the show is very good and different enough from Sherlock to be 'original' and not a shameless knock-off. However, it is inarguable that the US team literally plagiarised the British idea of a 'modern Sherlock', whether they pulled it off or not!

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