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This year we have requested feedback and suggestions for both awards and nominations for our Fourth Annual Static Awards. Suggestions can be submitted via the comment thread on this page, via email ( or via twitter (@nothinbutstatic). (NOTE: The podcast has now been recorded and released, so we are no longer taking submissions)

Some have requested a list of categories so they know what they can submit nominations for. Now, because we basically make it up as we go, the best I can do is post last years awards, and previous winners. So it’s possible some of these awards may not come back, but I’d say a very healthy portion aren’t going anywhere.

The “Wasting Potential” award for wasting a potentially good concept on poor execution.
Previous Winners: Last Resort, Mixology

Best Performance Award (Originally most surprising performance)
Previous Winners: Jack Whitehall, Olivia Coleman, Peter Dinklage

“Defying the Odds/Skin of its Teeth Award” for avoiding certain cancellation
Previous Winners: Fringe, Community, Beauty and the Beast

Worst Use Of Green Screen Screen
Previous Winners: Last Resort, HIMYM

Best Scene
Previous Winners: Broadchurch (Confrontation), Breaking Bad (Walter White’s ‘Video Confession’)

Best Series Finale
Previous Winners: The Office, Breaking Bad

Worst Season Finale
Previous Winners: HIMYM, Supernatural, HIMYM

“Steady As She Goes Award” for most consistent TV show
Previous Winners: Castle, Dexter, Person of Interest

“Ups and Downs Award” for the most inconsistent TV show
Previous Winners: Doctor Who, Homeland

“The Who Are We Kidding, This Is Clearly Two Seasons Award”
Previous Winners: Doctor Who, Breaking Bad, Mad Men

“Firefly Award” for ridiculous cancellation decision
Previous Winners: Alphas, Crazy Ones

Saddest/Dissapointing Cancellation
Previous Winners: Mind Games

Best New Drama
Previous Winners: Homeland, Hannibal, True Detective

Best New Comedy
Previous Winners: New Girl, Moone Boy, Silicon Valley

Best Cast
Previous Winners: Game Of Thrones, Brooklyn Nine Nine

Best Comedy
Previous Winners: Parks and Rec, Parks and Rec, Louie

Best Drama
Previous Winners: Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Breaking Bad

Who will win this year? Tune in on Sunday the 7th of June (on our third anniversary) to find out at The Fourth Annual Static Awards.

(Plus it’s Chris’ turn to make a fool out of himself with the opening musical number.)

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Dan Doolan

Dan Doolan is one half of the Nothing But Static podcast. A wanna-be screenwriter and blogger; Dan graduated from Bournemouth University with a degree in screenwriting and has since co-wrote and performed a sketch show at the Edinburgh Fringe festival, written weekly articles for The Electronic Farmyard and co-wrote and performed in the Danny Stack created web series Liquid Lunch. Now he spends his days' blogging at and of course, recording TV podcast Nothing But Static.

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  1. 5th June 2015 | Joseph says: Reply
    I am very excited to offer my own nominations and category suggestions for this year's annual Statics! Now, I have to preface my selections with one bit of information. I don't watch nearly as much tv as our fantastic hosts. SO my picks might not be the best, but they were my impression of the last season. The “Wasting Potential” award for wasting a potentially good concept on poor execution. The Strain: I know a lot of people really enjoyed this show, but I tried, for almost half the season. I thought the acting was really sub-par, which might be blamed on the dialogue, and for some reason I feel the show dragged and never went anywhere. I ended up not finishing despite being very intrigued by the premise. Best Performance Award (Originally most surprising performance) "Defying the Odds/Skin of its Teeth Award” for avoiding certain cancellation: I realize quite a few shows, despite the ratings, avoided cancellation, but this has to go to The Mindy Project. I mean, come on, it actually WAS cancelled and then revived by Hulu. I don't watch this show, but my wife, @mrsmeskin absolutely loves it. As a very staunch proponent of the future of television and the ways in which we observe ratings, I was very excited to see this one keep going. Best Scene: Colin Hanks tracks down and kills Billy Bob Thornton in Fargo. Best Series Finale: Mad Men Worst Season Finale: Steady As She Goes Award: The Goldbergs. I originally had no interest in this show. Despite liking the actors involved, it was marketed heavily and, in my opinion, not well. It was very, "REMEMBER THE WACKY 80S?! WATCH A SHOW ABOUT SILLY CLOTHES AND FASHION TRENDS" which is absolutely not what makes this show great. Its a great family show, the actors are really good at what they do, and each season has been as consistent as the previous. Multiple episodes end with very warm, hearftfelt moments. "Firefly Award" for ridiculous cancellation: Saddest/Dissapointing Cancellation: Franklin and Bash. Great procedural. The chemistry between MPG and Brecken Meyer felt very natural, I miss seeing these two together. Best New Drama: Fargo Best New Comedy: I mentioned this one very early this season and am sticking with it, "You're the Worst". FX seems to have a pretty good relationship with content creators and I like that this show felt very organic. Even on top of the really great comedy, the show showed some great emotion and in its short season we saw every character grow in some way or another. Best Cast: Fargo. They were rock stars. The story was amazing, and the show was great and the actors completely crushed their performances Best Comedy Community. I have always loved this show. This season when above and beyond, though. The show was extremely meta multiple times and managed to maintain a freshness for its first go round outside of Network television. Best Drama: Going to go for Fargo on this one. Sure, it SHOULD have won last year, and it didn't, but since we are still waiting for season 2, I will give this year's vote to Fargo. Original Category: Worst Marketing for a show: "Selfie" - The show was actually really hearfelt. I enjoyed it right up until the cancellation. It wasn't at all a show for kids who are into social media. I really ended up rooting for the characters. Original Category: The "Why Am I Still Watching This Award?" - The Leftovers - Ok, I know the show was slow, and everyone seemed really complacent about the situation they were in considering the tragedy that befell everyone, and for some reason I didn't want to watch but kept watching. Then I realized, he show did a good job leaving me just as complacent as the characters, but had to keep "living life". The show actually ended up entertaining through the end. Original Category: Holy Shit, I Think its over! : Community. With no real announcement on whether the show will continue, the season finale had a very palpable finality to it. If it does come back, great, but if not, the sendoff was pretty amazing. I loved every bit of this season. Original Category: Best Animated Show: Rick and Morty. Nuff said.

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