Episode #149 – Picked Up And Put Down Strikes Back

Episode #149 – Picked Up And Put Down Strikes Back

This week Dan and Chris are doing their yearly Picked Up And Put Down episode where we run through EVERY SINGLE trailer released from upfronts and talk about all the shows not coming back. You can catch us on Twitter @nothinbutstatic or mail@nothingbutstatic.co.uk

Here are the time codes…

00:00 Audiable introduction
00:52 Podcast introduction: Is this the podcast?, upfronts introduction and Chris has a bug
08:50 ABC:
08:52 A Million Little Lights
14:21 Grand Hotel
17:21 Single Parents
20:58 The Fix
28:41 The Kids Are Alright
32:30 The Rookie
40:37 Whiskey Cavalier
48:00 Schooled (No trailer)
49:21 CBS:
49:21 FBI
51:42 God Friended Me
56:10 Happy Together
01:00:20 Magnum P.I
01:05:02 Murphy Brown
01:13:00 The Neighbourhood
01:220:01 The Code, Fam and Red Line (No trailers)
01:24:04 FOX:
O1:24:04 Proven Innocence
01:28:08 REL
01:30:08 The Cool Kids
01:35:44 The Passage
01:39:09 NBC:
01:39:09 I Feel Fine
01:45:10 Manifest
01:47:51 New Amsterdam
01:52:03 Abby’s, The Enemy Within, The InBetween, The Village, The Gilded Age (No trailers)
01:57:21 NBC scheduling
01:59:04 CW:
01:59:04 CW scheduling
02:01:28 All American
02:05:51 Charmed
02:12:58 Roswell: New Mexico and In the Dark
02:16:44 Water break
02:21:35 Recent Cancellations with focus on:
02:25:48 Brooklyn Nine Nine
02:33:40 Last Man on Earth
02:35:24The Expanse
02:39:39 Lucifer and the logistics of a cancellation decision
O2:50:18 Rise
02:52:44: Renewed with focus on
02:52:59 Rick and Morty
02:59:58 Lethal Weapon 3
03:06:19 Pilots passed on: LA Confidential and LA’s Finest
03:07:18 Last year’s reviews within Picked Up and Put Down
03:23:32 Audible recommendations

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Dan Doolan

Dan Doolan is one half of the Nothing But Static podcast. A wanna-be screenwriter and blogger; Dan graduated from Bournemouth University with a degree in screenwriting and has since co-wrote and performed a sketch show at the Edinburgh Fringe festival, written weekly articles for The Electronic Farmyard and co-wrote and performed in the Danny Stack created web series Liquid Lunch. Now he spends his days' blogging at areyoustilltalking.net and of course, recording TV podcast Nothing But Static.

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