Episode 128 – The Afterparty 2: Drunk and Sweaty

Episode 128 – The Afterparty 2: Drunk and Sweaty

This week Dan and Chris celebrate 5 years of podcasting by doing a drunk episode. And predictably, it’s a mess. But we do discuss TV news, Twin Peaks, Orange is the New Black and I’m Dying Up Here. Here is the breakdown and time codes…

00:00 – UK’s Hottest June day in 40 years and why this episode might kill Dan and Chris 01:54 – Chris’s mum calls Chris overweight when he asks about love
06:04 – Chris buys supplies for podcast
09:52 – The Oscar Fitenzethe 117th Birthday Google Doodle
12:15 – Chris and Dan explain the format of the episode
14:29 – Get Shorty trailer
15:57 – Dan rants about the Han Solo movie situation
20:00 – Back to the Get Shorty trailer
21:48 – Orange is the new Black Series 5
24:14 – Twin Peaks
30:03 – I’m Dying Up Here
43:48 – Julia Roberts in Talks To Star In Sam Esmail TV Series ‘Homecoming’
49:15 – Sense 8 canceled by Netflix after 2 Seasons
57:53 – This Is Us to stay on Thursday’s
58:17 – Veep and Silicon Valley renewed
58:40 – TJ Miller leaves Silicon Valley
1:00:45 – Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later trailer we didn’t watch
1:01:55 – 24 Legacy canceled
1:06:39 – Should Chris move onto the vodka and an update on how drunk they are 1:08:50 – Luther Series 5 greenlit
1:12:22 – Downton Abbey movie announced
1:15:50 – Watchmen TV adaptation potentially coming to HBO
1:19:34 – Supernatural spin-off “Wayward sisters” getting backdoor pilot
1:22:33 – Dan needs to pee
1:23:06 – Sherlock team in talks to create Dracula miniseries (starts with just Chris as Dan goes to pee)
1:29:38 – Star Trek Discovery premiere date set
1:31:44 – What should Chris eat for dinner?
1:35:37 – Seeso undergoes layoffs
1:40:02 – Dan gets a breaking news alert on his phone
1:44:16 – Chris and Dan look at photos of bands called ‘The Statics’
1:50:45 – Chris and Dan start to wrap up…
1:52:42 – Okja
1:54:03 – Chris does the end bit
1:54:37 – Chris gets soppy then goes for a pee and Dan proposes
2:01:14 – The madness ends. Finally.

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Dan Doolan

Dan Doolan is one half of the Nothing But Static podcast. A wanna-be screenwriter and blogger; Dan graduated from Bournemouth University with a degree in screenwriting and has since co-wrote and performed a sketch show at the Edinburgh Fringe festival, written weekly articles for The Electronic Farmyard and co-wrote and performed in the Danny Stack created web series Liquid Lunch. Now he spends his days' blogging at areyoustilltalking.net and of course, recording TV podcast Nothing But Static.

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