Episode 127 – The Sixth Annual Static Awards

Episode 127 – The Sixth Annual Static Awards

This week Dan and Chris recap the TV year with a fictitious awards show format. They each choose a nomination and debate it until a winner is selected, or someone gets bored and gives up. Plus, opening and closing musical numbers, like all good award shows. Catch us on twitter @nothinbutstatic or email us on mail@nothingbutstatic.co.uk

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Dan Doolan

Dan Doolan is one half of the Nothing But Static podcast. A wanna-be screenwriter and blogger; Dan graduated from Bournemouth University with a degree in screenwriting and has since co-wrote and performed a sketch show at the Edinburgh Fringe festival, written weekly articles for The Electronic Farmyard and co-wrote and performed in the Danny Stack created web series Liquid Lunch. Now he spends his days' blogging at areyoustilltalking.net and of course, recording TV podcast Nothing But Static.

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  1. 9th June 2017 | Joseph Gonzalez says: Reply
    Great show again this year, fellas. Really honored and humbled to have been mentioned so much throughout the episode. My twitter handle, is pronounced, "mess-kin", in America in the Hispanic community, we sometimes refer to each other as "messkin" , as in, a slang way of saying Mexican. I dropped the second S only due to avoiding repetition. Thank you, kind sirs, for another fantastic year. - Joseph Gonzalez, American Correspondent for the Nothing But Static Podcast, signing off.
  2. 14th June 2017 | Varbs says: Reply
    New listener here. Great episode, definitely going to stick around to hear the one next year! And you two had better do a collaborative album.

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