Episode 117 – Dragged Across The Finish Line

Episode 117 – Dragged Across The Finish Line

This week Dan and Chris discuss Peter Capaldi’s departure from Doctor Who and NBC renewing The Good Place. Plus on the subject of surprises we chat about TV’s biggest shockers and plot twists. Catch us on twitter @nothinbutstatic or email us on mail@nothingbutstatic.co.uk

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Dan Doolan

Dan Doolan is one half of the Nothing But Static podcast. A wanna-be screenwriter and blogger; Dan graduated from Bournemouth University with a degree in screenwriting and has since co-wrote and performed a sketch show at the Edinburgh Fringe festival, written weekly articles for The Electronic Farmyard and co-wrote and performed in the Danny Stack created web series Liquid Lunch. Now he spends his days' blogging at areyoustilltalking.net and of course, recording TV podcast Nothing But Static.

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  1. 9th February 2017 | Joseph Gonzalez says: Reply
    Hey, fellas! The Good Place got renewed!!! Also, what new shows are you watching that I should watch so I can be prepared for the next show. Chris, when you said you didn't want to tell your dad that you're doing the show "for the fans" I absolutely lost my shit! I do appreciate it, though, because I am a fan who loves the show
    • 9th February 2017 | Dan Doolan says: Reply
      Yeah, thrilled about the renewal. Good place forkin deserves a second season after that series. Just for being genius. Next episode we will most likely talk about Legion, Santa Clarita Diet, APB, Powerless, 24 Legacy and Training Day. Bound to be some good stuff in there! As always buddy, thanks so much for listening!

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